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Air Conditioning Birmingham FREE Surveys

Air Conditioning Birmingham offers FREE surveys to all potential customers, be that domestic or commercial, as we are confident of offering a quote that will always be amongst the most competitive available.

The free quote will take into account all aspects that would need to be considered with installing Air Conditioning:

  • Detailed measurements of the area that the air conditioning unit/s would have to heat or keep cool.
  • Information with regards to the structure of the building, ie suspended ceiling, walls, pipework runs and location of indoor and outdoor air conditioning units.
  • Usage of area air conditioning unit, with regards to number of people working in the area, equipment used in the area (to determine heat loads created by human interaction, electrical equipment and any other sources)
  • Determining whether adequate electrical supply is available for air conditioning instillation.
  • Positioning of outdoor condenser/ condensing units.
Air Conditioning Birmingham FREE Surveys

All of the information will be collated and an air conditioning quotation provided.