Servicing and Maintenance

Servicing and Maintenance

Maintenance Contracts provided by Cool Climate Air Conditioning Birmingham

Cool Climate can provide ‘Service Visits’ these visits are used to determine if there is a potential for failure in the future and also to resolve any potential issues and also to resolve any issues that may have already developed. Our ‘Split Type Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance Contract’ is designed to detect and/or prevent a fault from occurring, once a fault has been found the customer is advised of any requirements that would be needed to repair the air conditioning unit and a quote for repair will be given.

Servicing and Maintenance

The following tests are performed for each unit:

  • Cycle through the modes of operation to ensure correct working order
  • Clean all the internal and external air conditioning unit filters
  • Clean all external unit condenser fins and condensing unit cases
  • Check water condensate drains and clear all blockages
  • Check for refrigerant leaks, F-Gas Regulation checks
  • Check all electrical wiring and air conditioning controls for faults

The advantage of a regular air conditioning maintenance inspection is that it can:

  • Detect and correct potential failures, either before they occur, or before they develop into major air conditioning faults
  • Detect any hazardous faults with the air conditioning system and water leakages which can cause damage to the building or equipment.
  • Extend the average lifespan of the air conditioning unit
    Increase the efficiency of the units which saves the energy (and money!)
  • Check for refrigerant leaks, F-Gas Regulation checks
  • Maintain optimum working conditions (dirty filters and low condenser refrigerant can reduce the capability of air conditioning units by as much as 40%)

The ‘Split Type Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance Contract’ visit will provide an air conditioning service report sheet listing air conditioning unit model numbers and serial numbers, the checks performed, and any significant faults or problems will be listed and a recommendation provided.

Maintenance overview

Regular air conditioning maintenance is a paramount consideration if your fixed air conditioning system is located in a strategic room, for example, a server room. Our maintenance team is often called out to a server room, where both the main air conditioning unit and its back-up have failed, this is due, in the majority of cases because the air conditioning unit has not been serviced in some cases for many years. For some companies the server room is one of the most important rooms, and having a regular service check up can save thousands of pounds in preventing the failure of servers overheating.

Cool Climate Air Conditioning Birmingham strongly suggests that air conditioning servicing should be made a priority for any company that is exceptionally reliant upon their servers continued operation.


Air Conditioning units need regular servicing to maintain their efficiency and keep them and their parts in perfect condition, whilst finding any tell-tale signs of wear and tear. During servicing both the indoor evaporating unit and the outdoor condensing unit can be cleaned, whilst servicing the unit the utmost care will be taken to keep the surrounding area clean and tidy to ensure as little disruption as possible during the servicing process.

Filters Cleaning

The filters within an air conditioning unit should be cleaned on a regular basis and at certain intervals may possibly need to be replaced.

Without regular servicing/cleaning, air conditioning units become less efficient which in turn can lead to the equipment being noisier than usual.